Sport Clothing that Heals in Bombay, New York

Sport Clothing that Heals
Price: $25
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FIRMA energywear are bioceramic-infused shapewear with numerous health benefits through simple wear! Benefits include: Anti-odor properties, Reduced Muscle Fatigue, Reduced Cellulite, Lose inches, Reduces Aches and Pains, Improved blood circulation, Improves skin elasticity, Comfortable shaping, Improved skin thermoregulation, and Non-allergenic. Circulation Socks - short $25 and long $35. Women's hi-rise leggins $85, invisible tank $65, long sleeve mock neck $90, zip jacket $140, mid sleeve v-neck $85, yoga sports bra $65. Men's athletic tee $105, sleeveless tee $80, compression shorts $70.
FIRMA energywear is made with the only worldwide patented Polyamide 66 yarn with Far-infrared technology, representing a completely unseen innovation in textiles. For maximum results and benefits, FIRMA should be worn for at least 6 hours per day for 60 consecutive days. It can be worn as lingerie or another second skin clothing, while working, at the gym, or doing anything else.
Take before and after pictures plus measurements of your stomach and thighs. If you win the challenge, you win $500 of FIRMA Energywear. A previous FIRMA Energywear client combined proper diet and exercise, while wearing the Hi-Rise Leggings and Invisible Tank for 30 days. She averaged at least 6 hours per day of wear time. In all, she lost 2 inches in her legs and 3 inches from her tummy! She also lost 5 pounds.
This product provides shapewear that improves blood microcirculation, thereby providing the wearer with more energy, greater comfort, and less pain. Anti-odor properties!
FIRMA energywear is a Class 1 Medical Device (MDEL #3772) when recommended by a doctor. It also:
- Absorbs: Active biocrystals in the fabric absorb infrared energy from the body in the form of body heat.
- Radiates: The fabric then reflects the longer far-infrared energy back to the body at an optimized wavelength for therapeutic effects.
- Penetrates: FIR energy penetrates 4-5cm below the skin surface, affecting the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels in between

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